Michael Phelps Olympics Swimming – 12,000 Calories a Working day For an Olympic Winner

Michael Phelps — stands 6 ft 4 inches and some say he has a size 14 foot, but what will make Phelps uniques is his Olympic diet plan.

Soon after grabbing his history breaking 11th Olympic Gold Medal… US swimmer Michael Phelps, at the 2008 Olympics just not long ago exposed the top secret to his remarkable human body and Gold Medal final results.

The key he would have you know behind his physique is an astonishing 12,000-calorie for each day diet regime.

This is 6 periods the typical amount of an common adult male, but for Michael Phelps … this is just a typical working day. Of program his eating plan does go together with a muscle mass building 6 working day per 7 days, 5 several hours for every day intense coaching system both equally in and out of the h2o.

Listed here is a frequent working day in the life of Michael Phelps:


Phelps commences his working day and supercharges his metabolic rate with 3 fried-egg sandwiches, but with a few custom made elaborations: cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and, a significant dollop of mayonnaise.

As quickly as he is done with that gentle snack he inhales 2 cups of coffee and silently begins working on an omelet which is made up of 5 eggs – and grits, porridge of coarsely floor corn.

Nicely he’s just acquiring started. Let us bring the 3 slices of sumptuous French toast, with powdered sugar on top rated to make sure there’s no skimping on the energy. And eventually allows not fail to remember the 3 chocolate chip pancakes.

With breakfast out of the way… let us get a seem at lunch soon after all he is a expanding boy.


I can sense the starvation pangs kicking in previously… ideal?

Effectively Michael Phelps starts off lunch with a 1/2 a kilogram, a entire packet of enriched pasta and two massive ham and cheese sandwiches. On white bread with loads of mayo to boot.

To promise that he will have lots of energy for his grueling exercise session he swiftly downs a 1,000 calorie electricity drink.

A High-quality Dinner Time Food

For most persons so far the idea of additional food items maybe as welcome as a frontal lobotomy, but it is time to kick the carbs up for tomorrows exercise.

Get set for 1/2 a kilo of enriched pasta and to make guaranteed very little is left out let’s consume whole pizza and a 1,000 calorie energy drink. Phelps was lately quoted: “Take in, snooze and swim, that’s all I can do.”