Spreading a Legacy of Mystical Wisdom for Wellbeing and Very well-Being

Ever speculate the place fantastic physical wellbeing and emotional very well-getting occur from?

In particular when we you should not have them, we very long to know how to get them back.

Whilst scientific study can provide quite a few solutions, it can’t arrive at into the delicate realms of the metaphysical and mystical.

But all through a great deal of the 20th century, a renowned Greek Cypriot did just that. To some he was regarded as the “Magus of Strovolos.” To other individuals, he was just a humble civil servant with an remarkable grasp of languages, religions, human mother nature and the potential to recover critical ailment.

He was identified as “Daskalos” (“teacher” in Greek) mainly because he presented frequent, daily lectures in a get rid of-like setting up guiding his property for numerous a long time. He would talk of many truths to support persons realize how they have to have to reside their life, and give healing as effectively. This was his calling as a modern day working day Christian mystic.

As his name unfold, a lot more and extra people arrived to him to get relief from physical and psychological illnesses. He tirelessly served them all.

At the conclusion of the 1980’s, a younger American university university student of Sociology travelled to Cyprus to attend a couple of of Daskalos’ lectures. He before long realized the greatness of these teachings and grew to become an assistant to the grasp.

For the duration of the next 5 yrs, Paul Skorpen devoted his everyday living to studying all he could from Daskalos. They became near companions as Paul assisted him vacation to anywhere his training commitments would choose him international locations in Europe, North and South The united states.

When Daskalos died in August, 1995 it was a crushing blow to a lot of – particularly his most devoted scholar and expensive buddy Paul. Soon after a interval of mourning and finalizing initiatives, Paul and his wife-to-be Birgit left Cyprus and settled in southern Germany.

To distribute and further more establish the teachings of Daskalos, they started the Theosis Institute of Mysticism and Therapeutic in 1996.

As time went by, men and women would request Paul if he could mend as Daskalos healed. Truly, he was doubtful, but experienced been so closely associated in Daskalos’ work for so extended, that he knew he had to attempt.

Persons did become properly as Paul utilized what he had realized from the learn. But Paul comprehended also that there was even extra to learn. He sought out further inspiration from the Holy Scriptures as perfectly as Japanese drugs.

As his understanding of the healing process deepened, he was ready to enable additional people, with further troubles to lasting health and nicely-remaining.

His wife Birgit is also a teacher, creator and important contributor to creating the do the job of the Institute.

Knowledge of the operate being performed by this dedicated few has distribute throughout a number of European nations and the US. Their contribution to our knowledge of existence, wellbeing and perfectly-becoming is sizeable.

They offer us all a opportunity to superior realize ourselves and how we can attain – or regain – great health and a good sense of very well-getting.

May well their work – and the legacy it is developed on – carry on enriching the lives of learners and healers they have trained, for numerous years to occur.